Mysql Enum Index //

The text book tells me that it is not recommended to use index for enumerated datatypes. But it didn't tell me why. Should I use index for ENUM? The book also tells me that we should index column w. The ENUM element’s index has no relation or bearing on a table INDEX. They are not one and the same. ENUM column values are case sensitive for returned query results, identical to their state at the time of table creation. ENUM columns are sorted by their order. ENUM: Enumeration of up to 65,535 strings: 7. With ENUM you can manage a list of up to 65,535 character strings. 8. Sorting ENUM Values: 9. MySQL uses the internal numeric values for sorting for enum value: 10. Sort ENUM values in lexical order: 11. Consider changing the column type to ENUM, if you always sort a non-enumeration column in a. Create table: ENUM and set: Create Table « Table Index « SQL / MySQL. Home; SQL / MySQL; Aggregate Functions; Backup Load; Command MySQL; Cursor; Data Type;. Create Table « Table Index « SQL / MySQL. SQL / MySQL; Table Index; Create Table; Create table: ENUM and set / mysql> Drop table Bike; mysql> CREATE TABLE Bike -> -> ID SMALLINT. 04/12/2011 · Setting the index on enum fields. Ask Question 0. 2. I have a MySQL database which currently uses a tinyint field to store the type of record. It uses an odd numbering, and we are in the process to change this. So currently, it reads: record type 1.

When I use an ENUM column in a table the ORDER BY uses the ordinal of the ENUM not its value. I wasn't aware of that. So my question is what are the subtle issues when an ENUM is part of an index. 18/03/2015 · Are you saying MySQL ignores the enum field and searches through all records matching the index columns that come before the enum field. e.g. Suppose I have a Tbl with primary key Col1,Col2,Col3 and Col3 is an autoinc tinyint column to make ties on Col1,Col2 unique.

18/03/2015 · Peter, can you take a look at this below and see if I'm grasping what you're meaning please. Suppose I have a UNIQUE index trainerID,raceID,Ord where Ord is as described above i.e. a unique enum value describing a horse's finishing position. MySQL ENUM과 Test:: 이야기 MySQL의 ENUM type 제가 MySQL을 사용한지 약 10년 정도의 시간이 지났습니다. 처음 MySQL을 사용하던 당시 MySQL 3.X는 지금의 MySQL 5.X 버전에 비하면 DB로써 여러가지로 부족한 점이. enum index 를 통한 연산을 사용할 수 있다.

ENUM 최대 65535 개의 엘리먼트를 가질 수 있음. 인덱스를 사용. 인덱스는 1부터 시작. 테이블을 작성하여 예를 들어가면서 설명. 1. 테이블 작성 mysql> create table enum_test numbers ENUM'0', '1', '2'. Using an enum index to limit records. Ask Question. It should ignore most records, however MySQL ignores the index presumably due to the low cardinality. I could USE/FORCE INDEX, which kind of helps, but was wondering if this is the best approach. Create a query using an enum.

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